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North Bay Village

North Bay Village is a waterfront community in Biscayne Bay with stunning views and a vibrant lifestyle. It consists of three islands with their own charm and history, and is close to Miami and Miami Beach. North Bay Village is a place to enjoy nature, city, and community.

North Bay Village is the perfect combination of convenience and serene coastal living and surrounded by Miami Beach and Miami City.

The city has a rich history rooted in its development, attracting tourists and residents with its beautiful properties and easy access to the beach. The village today is characterized by its lush green spaces, and luxurious homes.

Residents experience a relaxed yet dynamic ambiance, with convenient access to pristine sandy beaches, chic eateries, and lively nightlife hubs.

Boating aficionados will appreciate the numerous marinas and yacht clubs along the shoreline, making North Bay Village an ideal spot for water-based activities. Combining natural beauty with urban conveniences, North Bay Village enthralls both visitors and locals with its enchanting allure.

The village’s proximity to Miami and Miami Beach enhances its appeal, providing residents and visitors with the best of both worlds—a serene coastal lifestyle alongside convenient access to the excitement and attractions of the neighboring cities.

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