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7 Common Apartment Hunting Mistakes to Avoid in Miami

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Miami is more than a top tourist destination. It's one of the top cities for new residents. Data shows that more people are moving to Miami than most other major cities in the United States.

Miami has a lot to offer. It's a world-class city that has great restaurants, nightlife, and other attractions. Not to mention that it has beautiful weather year-round.

Now's the perfect time to make the move to Miami. It's best to find an apartment that meets your needs. If you're looking for one, you need to avoid common apartment hunting mistakes. Read on to learn about seven common apartment-hunting mistakes in Miami and how to avoid them.

1. Thinking Every Lease Is the Same

It's no secret that hunting for an apartment can be stressful. Once you think you found the right apartment, you might be eager to sign the lease. This is one of the biggest apartment-hunting mistakes you can make.

Never sign a lease without reading it first. It's understandable that you might be in a rush to move in, but failing to read it can lead to issues down the road.

Keep in mind that a lease is a legal contract. Don't assume the best of the lease thinking everything is perfect. Research everything that you don't understand before you sign.

If there's too much legalese, consider finding an expert you can consult with. If you agree with all the terms, you can go ahead and sign. Do make sure that you get a copy of the signed lease agreement for your records.

2. Having Just One Roommate See the Apartment

Let's say you're moving in with a roommate. You have a tight schedule, so you decide to leave it up to your roommate to see the apartment. This is another mistake you need to avoid.

Viewing an apartment separately isn't a wide decision. It's best to have both parties present when viewing the apartment. This way everyone can review the apartment rental agreement at the same time.

You should take the time to do a walk-through. Focus on looking for any existing damage. Document any damage you see, so you don't get charged for it after your lease is over.

You'll want to make sure that you're happy with the apartment. The last thing you need is to move into an apartment that isn't right for you.

3. Not Putting Emphasis on the Commute

Finding an affordable apartment is the goal for most apartment hunters. It's a big win finding one, but it shouldn't be the main factor in deciding which apartment to go with. Consider the location of the apartment as it'll affect your commute.

A longer commute between your new apartment and your job can add more frustration to your day. Chances are you'll also be spending more on gas. The cost of gas might not be coming down. Factor that in with spending more money on oil changes and vehicle maintenance.

4. Going Over Your Budget

Comparing apartment costs is a must if you have a budget. Sure, you can fall in love with an apartment, but it might not fit within your budget. Here's some food for thought. Don't spend more than 30% of your income on rent. It's important to leave some wiggle room for your other moving expenses.

5. Assuming You’ll Have Cell Phone Reception

You find an apartment that has everything on your apartment amenity checklist. That's perfect, right? Well, there's no point in having all those great amenities if you don't have cell phone reception. Poor cell phone reception is still an issue even in major cities like Miami. Before you move into any apartment, you'll want to find out if there's good coverage there. Double-check your phone's signal strength.

6. Not Researching the Neighborhood

The options for apartments in Miami vary by neighborhood. Don't assume all apartments are equal. This is why it's important to research the neighborhood before you decide to sign the lease. Your new apartment should be near retail stores, a supermarket, and restaurants. If you have children, you should consider the local school system.

You should visit the area during the day and night. This will help you find out if you like the area's atmosphere. It'll also help you get a better sense of the noise level.

What if you don't own a car? If this is the case, you should find out if there's a good transportation system near your new apartment. Finding an apartment that's accessible via public transportation in Miami is a must.

The location of the apartment will play a major role in your satisfaction. Buying an apartment in a neighborhood where you'll feel safe and at peace in.

7. Opting Out of Renters’ Insurance

Hurricanes are a problem in Miami. It's a good idea to have renters' insurance if you plan to rent an apartment in Miami. This type of insurance will help to protect your possessions.

If you experience a natural disaster, you'll want to be covered. Don't think that just because your landlord has their own insurance on the property your apartment will be covered. Take the time to seek out an insurance policy that's right for you before you sign the lease.

Don't Commit These Seven Apartment Hunting Mistakes in Miami

Thinking of making the move to Miami? It's one of the best decisions you can make as Miami is the place to live.

If you do decide to move down to Miami, you should have an apartment hunting strategy in place. It'll help you avoid these seven apartment hunting mistakes.

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